A little summary of my time in Laforet Harajuku...

Since I was in Japan, I took the opportunity to visit Laforet (which I found out the Japanese pronounced it Ra-Fo-Re) in Harajuku to do a bit of Lolita shopping. My first stop was to Metamorphose as I had already organised for them to hold a black Victorian Princess Skirt and black Swan parasol for me a few weeks before I left.

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Annoyed and Can't decide....

Well, it's been one heck of a day so far.

First, I was super excited when my Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Jacket came in the mail today...only to find out that the tailor had made the arms so small that I couldn't even move my arms when I had it on. I was seriously pissed because I wanted it for my trip to Japan so I paid EMS shipping in order for it arrive in time. Now I am without a coat and I leave in 4 days (and since it's summer in Australia, there is no way I can go shopping for one at the moment). Martin (from Clobba) is being super helpful about it, but we are still waiting on a solution from Rose Melody...still though, it leaves me coat-less.

On the upside, my sister-in-law offered to buy me the new BTSSB Dance of the Black Cats jumper skirtⅡ in black for Christmas. However, I am still hesitating as 1) it's a halter neck JSK and 2) it's a lot of money. I've never had a halter neck JSK before but read from others that it can hurt your back because it causes you to slouch...anybody have halters and willing to share your thoughts? Alternatively, I can have that money to shop in Japan instead...I can't make up my mind! HELP PLEASE!
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Finding it hard to control my spending...

Ever since discovering the wonderful lolita fashion, I'm finding it extremely hard to control my spending....I'm serious! I spent over $1000 already @___@ and I'm still finding myself browsing for more things to add to my wardrobe.

Worse thing yet, I haven't even WORN anything yet T__T...atleast not outside my bedroom, since I'm finding that I need this and that to complete an outfit...which then makes me go do more shopping and I find more stuff I like, which then needs to be accessorised (see the neverending cycle?).

What have I gotten myself into ^__^; At this rate, I think I'm gonna need to start to sell my kimono collection to help fund this new obession *sigh*
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